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    Our Commercial Own Goods Motor Policy provides cover for vehicles used to transport your own goods such as pick-ups, panel vans, trucks etc.

    All our policyholders can drive with the assurance knowing that in the case of breakdown, they can contact our Free Emergency Roadside Assistance at 609-MYM1 (6961) for the removal of their vehicle to a safe and secured location.

    Other Roadside Assistance services include:

    (Towing services are not available for trucks over 3 tons, maxi taxis and wreckers)

    Also available for our comprehensive coverage policies:

    Flood & Special Perils (FREE)

    Coverage is extended to include damage caused by:

    Windscreen Damage

    For an additional cost, this coverage will allow you to claim for a broken windscreen or window glass up to your required limit.  Your existing No Claim Discount will not be affected by any windscreen damage claims made.

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