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    How To Maintain Your New Car


    You just bought a new car and the shiny new finishes and drive quality are a delight. You’re insured with General Accident Insurance to handle unforeseen events, but you are looking for ways to prolong that new car feel. Fortunately, many newer model vehicles have simplified the maintenance process. With spark plugs lasting longer and factory rust-through warranties typically running six years or longer, a few simple upkeep habits can keep your car running like new.

    Here are a few tips to help you maintain your new car.

    Keep it clean

    Whether you do it personally or use a good car wash, one of the best ways to maintain your new vehicle is to wash and vacuum it as often as the manual prescribes or as needed. Regular washing removes everyday contaminants like dust, road debris, and
    bird droppings that can ruin your car’s paint job over time.

    Service your vehicle

    Do not miss servicing appointments. Servicing your vehicle is like a health check for your car. Regular servicing helps identify issues in their early stages before they become significant problems.

    Insure it with General Accident

    Get a motor vehicle insurance policy that suits your needs when you insure with General Accident. Insuring your vehicle is mandated by law and helps to cover repairs in the event of an accident.

    Choose between the available comprehensive, third party and third party, fire and theft policies at GenAc. Whichever policy you choose, familiarise yourself with its terms and conditions.

    Ensure motor vehicle documents are up to date

    Your car’s inspection certificate, motor vehicle registration, and insurance certificate are required by law to prove to the police that the vehicle is licensed, road-worthy and insured. The person driving the vehicle should also be able to show a valid driver’s licence to the police if requested.

    Set reminders to notify you of upcoming expiration dates for these documents.

    Park in cool or shaded areas

    Whenever possible, park in the shade. Overexposure to the sun may cause premature paint wear on your vehicle. Use a windscreen shade/cover if you must park in direct sunlight.


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