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Buying Your First Car And Getting The Right Insurance Policy

So you’re thinking about buying your first car. Before you head to the car dealership there are a few key things you should know about this big decision. And when you’ve found the car, here are some tips for the next step; getting the right insurance policy.

buying your first car

Take a good look at your  car to be and be sure to take it  for a spin to certain it’s the one for you.

1. Choose the right car for your needs
Choosing the right car is a loaded phrase. How do you pick just one car when there are so many with incredible selling features? Firstly, think about why you need the car. Consider how you will be using it, where you will be driving regularly and how you would like the vehicle to perform. You will also want to consider affordability. A good first car is fuel efficient, easy to handle, affordable and reliable. Use these keywords to guide you.

2. Evaluate your finances
Speak with your banker about your options for purchasing a car. You will want to check whether you can make a cash purchase or if you will need a car loan. To qualify for a car loan, you must be earning enough to cover the monthly payments for the vehicle. You should also prepare for insurance costs, deposit, vehicle registration and bank processing fees. Once you have consulted with your banker and have established a likely budget, it is time to officially start car shopping.

3. Shop around
Now that the car hunt is on, you have spotted a few vehicles you like on the road. Car dealers are competitive, so shop around for the best deal. There is always another dealer with the same vehicle for a lower price or a better sales package. Pick the one that offers the best value. If you are buying a new vehicle, consider the service package and length of the warranty.

4. Test drive your car to be
Finalize your car decision by taking it for a spin. The test drive is an important step in finding the right car, especially when buying your first one. During the test drive you will get the feel of the vehicle and what it is like navigating the roads. Practice trickier driving moves like turning and reversing. The test drive step is the only way you can ensure you are truly comfortable with the car and that you enjoy how it drives.

5. Get the right insurance policy
If you have been granted a loan to purchase your first car, the bank will usually require your car to be comprehensively insured. Comprehensive coverage provides protection or coverage for your vehicle as well as damage to other people’s cars. This means that if there is ever an accident you and any other people involved will be able to recover most of your costs.

Comprehensive coverage may be required for buyers using a loan, but comprehensive coverage is a good option for all first time car buyers. Statistically, inexperienced drivers are at a greater risk of accidents. The best way to stay protected is to have the right policy. A comprehensive insurance policy with General Accident helps first time drivers and buyers recover after an accident. But make sure you understand what your policy does and does not cover.

Buying your first car is exciting. The excitement can last even longer when you choose the right car for your needs from the start. Assess your finances, be careful when shopping, and always test drive before you sign. And finally, remember to get the insurance coverage you deserve with a General Accident.