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Benefits of Installing a Dashcam

We all want to stay accident free on the roads and we try our best to drive safely. But what if the unfortunate happens? Can we count on the other person involved to be truthful and fair? If you have a dashcam, you won’t need to rely on another driver’s honesty or recollection of events.

Dashcams are growing in popularity across the world because they can record incidents on the road.

A dashcam or dashboard camera is a specially designed camera that allows the user to record events  while driving. There are several types.  Some are mounted on the dashboard while others hang from the roof of the car. Some dashcams record only while the vehicle is on. Others require a permanent power source to allow recording, which occurs even when the vehicle is not in use. Whatever dashcam you choose, owning a dashcam is helpful, here’s why:


Dashcams can also hang from the roof of the car.

Benefits of a dashcam

Provides Supporting Evidence
Having a dashcam in your car means if you ever have an accident you will have  evidence showing exactly what happened.  General Accident accepts dashcam footage as part of the investigation process.

Lower Premiums
If a dashcam is installed in your motor vehicle,  General Accident will  discount your insurance premiums.

Prevents Insurance Fraud
Some road users are known to fake incidents and injuries to inflate insurance claims which causes premiums to rise for everyone. Dashcam recordings can help provide evidence against these cases. Installing a dashcam  helps to reduce insurance fraud and keep premiums low.

Encourages Safe Driving /Monitor Young Drivers
Did your son or daughter recently receive their driver’s licence? Inexperienced  drivers can be overconfident.  With a dashcam installed in your vehicle you can review the footage of their driving, telling your young driver you will be watching. This may encourage them to make safer decisions while on the road.

Record Thefts
Another benefit of installing a dashcam is the ability to catch car break-ins on camera. When reporting the incident to the police this information can help with identifying the thief and recovering the vehicle.

Records Your Trip
Dashcams can also be used recreationally. You can capture the memories of a family road trip to share later with friends and family. Driving alone and can’t snap a video of north coast views? Your dashcam can capture it all for you.

When you buy a dashcam you are not only investing in your vehicle’s security but your personal road safety as well. Speak with a General Accident representative to find out how you can reap the benefits of  lower  motor insurance premiums with your installation of a dashcam.

How To Choose The Right Dashcam For You
To choose the right camera for your vehicle, consider the following:

●      Will it affect your view of the road?
●      Do you need it to record while the car is parked?

After you’ve thought about how you’ll use the dashcam here are some features of a high-quality dashcam.

●      Full HD resolution of 1920×1080
●      Wide-angle recording view of 150-170 degrees to capture more detail
●      Starts recording as soon as the car moves or records automatically when the vehicle is parked and motion is detected
●      Saves recording to a micro SD Card with loop interval recording, automatically overwriting old images as new data is recorded
●      Has night-vision lenses for good recordings at night